Saturday, April 15

Feeling too sick to say much ...

about easter, so I'll leave it to these chaps instead.
The Landover Baptist chappies, and again.

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spindleshanks said...

sorry you're still not well - how dull. especially when there is chocolate and hot cross buns to be eaten. maybe the easter bunny needs to bring a nice hot brandy juice instead of the traditional egg..

spindleshanks said...

or just brandy for that matter. brandy juice?!? too many babies have rotted the grey matter.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'm rather fond of the traditional lemon, honey & Whisky myself, soothes the throat, clears the head and, if sufficient whisky is added to the mixture, helps you sleep like a log.
You can imagine my horror last night when I found the only alcoholic beverage in the house was WHITE WINE - time to send Mr Brown to the shops!

caw said...

Oh, yes - the white whine will never do. Did Mr Brown bring back a single malt?? I'm a big fan of Nicuraguan Rum with honey, the only problem is that it just about takes my head off.

Tropical recipe for disaster:

1 coconut, 1 chisel, 2 glasses & a bot of Nic Rum.
Smash cocunut on bench and prise open with chisel.
Decant milk into glasses.
Pour Rum into glasses.
Mix and sip at own discretion.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

oooh, yumm - would coconut cordial be ok? Or perhaps tinned coconut milk?
We are big fans of Captain Morgan's Jamacian Rum - life is pretty straight without Morgan's! I have a full set of the poster campaign from the 80s - My uni campus was plastered with posters singing MY praises - I even wrote a little story about it for the local rag.