Saturday, March 4

Secret Shame(s) ...

#1 On Saturdays, when Mr Brown goes sailing, I put on a stack of Enya CDs and listen to them back-to-back while I read the paper.
#2 We sing along to the best of the Electric Light Orchestra CD on long car journeys.
#3 I’m addicted to solitaire.
#4 I LOVE potato scallops – I haven’t eaten one for years, I don’t even know if you can get them any more, but I CRAVE them.
#5 I not only let the cats into the bathroom with me, I let them sit on my lap.
#6 I just cannot finish a Russian Novel, I’d rather do housework. On the upside, many a fine afternoon sleep has come from an attempt to read a Russian Novel.
#7 I don’t share the crispy bacon rinds with Mr Brown, I scoff them all claiming “cook’s rights”.
#8 I regularly say I'm going to be away on election day, so I can vote early and not stand in the queues.
#9 I still sometimes pout and sulk to get my own way.
#10 I threw a proper heel-druming tantrum at 25 (about my HAIR).

Cripes - that's enough now - I feel strangely at peace.

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