Wednesday, March 8

International Womens' Day ...

You Go Girlies!

A day to remember that once upon a time girlies were not allowed to vote, work (or if we did we were paid less than the blokies who did the exact same job), get a divorce/leave a violent or revolting husband, own property, keep our children (I understand many women are quite attached to theirs), keep a job after marriage, keep a job after having a bebe, go to the public bar, be a parliamentarian .... it goes on and on and on. I get so cross when I hear young women say “I’m not a feminist…” bet they bloody well would be if it was 40 years ago. Let's remember all those brave women who fought and went to goal so that we don't have to.
Oooohh, got my blood up a bit there - good to know the feisty feminist of my youth is still in there.

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Oh - norty Mr Monks.

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