Saturday, March 11

I own ...

... 22 pairs of BLACK shoes (that's not counting the ones that are red, green, yellow, brown, purple, blue, tan ....) I'm not sure if this is a bad thing or not. I don't sniff them or rub them all over my nekid body, I'm not a shoe fetishist folks, but perhaps you can see why Mr Brown found it necessary to say "not another fucking pair of black shoes" when I walked in the door not so terribly long ago.

Ooops - On further investigation I found 2 pairs of black ankle boots, one pair of black knee boots and a pair of black slip-on sneaker things with red stripes, so that's 26.
And just so you can colour me completely superficial ... I want this red dress, this $5485 red dress (oh gawd, yes, I read Harper's Bazaar, blush).


caw said...

Dear Immelda,

Strewth! In total, I have 6 pairs of shoes (3 pairs are for sailing which leaves 3 pairs to totter around in) & 3 pairs of boots.

I'm feeling a tad underprepared for Armageddon.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Oh dear, When putting my shoes back in the shoe cupboard I discovered I own 2 pairs of black ankle boots, one pair of black knee-high black boots, and a funny sort of pair of black & red leather sneaker things - that's 26 all up - Armageddon here I come!

spindleshanks said...

i'm more caw than dmm in shoe ownership, crikey moses ms dmm - that's a lot of footwear. where do you keep it all?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

SS - I keep them all the the special shoe cupboard built for me by Mr Brown - it has drawers that pull out to make the daily selection of apparel appropriate footwear easy. I've run out of room & he has to put in more shelves.