Monday, March 13

Bloody America and it's bloody ....

Publication 52 Hazardous, restricted, & perishable mail of the United States Postal Service.
I've a lovely friend, CAW, who moved to the excited states of America (for lerve) and who admired an empty bottle in a picture I blogged recently.
Well, CAW, admired said bottle and asked about it. I thought it would be nice to send her a bottle as a gift to mark her wedding to the lovely B and started making enquiries about posting it.

The bottle remains, pinkly, on my desk. According to the American Consular website I just plain can't send a bottle of alcohol t0 America, not even one pretty rose-coloured bottle of wine. It's prohibited by federal law. I can't send a bottle via the winery because CAW does not hold a special import license. And they don't export to the US so I can't arrange anything though an American wine merchant. Buggery bum bum.

So, I'm going to have to drink it (at the conclusion of lent of course) and send her the empty bottle and hope it isn't confiscated as a dangerous weapon!

I'm beginning to understand why CAW blogged THIS.


caw said...

Imagine if the import of whine into Oz was probhibited by Federal Law? Everyone would drink meths just to show the government they were free to choose their vice.

Indeed, it is a v frustrating sitch but it is typcial of the way things are done here. How else to keep 320m people under one's thumb than by making everything fun:

(a) illegal,
(b) too complicated,
(c) illegal.

It is small wonder so few Americans have passports. Why would they travel when there is nothing but risk on the other side of the gates?

The "nothing gets in, nothing gets out" mentality is disturbingly etched into many of those 320m minds.

Thank you for maintaining the rage, DMM.


ps: overheard recently...

Young man: "Why would I go to Europe? I have the Internet."

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Exactly why that particular young man SHOULD NOT go o Europe - one less dickhead eh?

caw said...

Yes, lettuce please confine him to the drab hidey hole in the basement.

spindleshanks said...

for good overheard comments, have you seen overheard in new york (can't do link - fm, me)? it's one of my favourites and full of dumb americans being overheard by cleverer americans (clever enough to know how dumb the dumb ones are - if that makes sense)