Monday, March 6

Are men necessary ...

Well Ms Dowd postulates not (although I don't know what she concludes, I've yet to read her book). In Saturday's paper Mr Richard Glover thought perhaps not necessary but useful none the less.

I agree and have thought of a few more reasons blokes should be kept around the house ...

  • They are very useful for painting and other general household tasks (yes I could do it myself, but I chose not to).
  • They are very good at digging holes in the garden (again, I'd rather not).
  • They are lovely and warm in bed in the wintertime (Mr Brown is particularly furnace-like).
  • They will do the jobs that make you want to heave, like taking out stinky rubbish, cleaning up cat vomit (without vomiting) and unblocking the toilet (well, would you if you didn't have to?).
  • They can make you larf & larf.
On a completely different note, it was a warm & sunny day today in Sydney. While out at lunch time I (a pale brunette) had to wait at the lights for a bit before the little green man came on. So, I stood in the long skinny shade created by a lamp/flag post. A pale blonde woman came along, she stood in front of me, taking advantage of the shade. A pale red-headed woman came along, she too used the post's shade while we waited. There we stood, all in a row and when the little green man popped up, off we went, across the road, marching in line.


caw said...

Oh, men are *definitely* necessary. They can drive us places when the weather is awful and do those ghastly jobs that we don't like doing.

There are very few jobs I don't like to do, but cleaning up cat sick is one of them. Or dog pooh. I would rather eat a bucket of hair than be faced with those jobs.

We don't have a cat or a dog, but if we did I know that B would excel in that department.

He does the laundry most of the time. He folds my clothes too. And he cooks dinner. And does the dishes. And builds clever things like chests, desks, book cases, tables and stuff.

It kind of leaves me a tad bereft in the job dept. I just tinker about, finding things to do like watching movies and making tea.

Actually. B makes me tea most of the time too.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Crikey - I'm going home tonight and having a LONG talk with Mr Brown to find out why it is exactly I'm cooking and washing and folding ???!