Tuesday, February 21

Failed already ...

Sigh, I'm weak, I'm unable to display any self control in a newsagency.
My New Year's Resolution was "I'm not going to buy the Martha Stewart Living magazine anymore!". Well I got through January but crashed and burned February.
My excuse, a girl needs something to keep up her spirits in the armpit month.
Martha is an addiction, I know she's not good for me but I just can't help myself. I regret it every time, much like eating takaway food. So much promise, the pictures are great but ... never, never does it live up to my expectations. Also, the American measurements drive me crazy.

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caw said...

I heard that Martha actually went to prison for writing sloshy magazines, not for tax fraud (as the dailies would have us believe).

Have you read Mimi's latest entry, re: Body & Soul? If you haven't, rush to do so. Please tell me Martha's mag is not quite so pappy!

Oo, also, the Donald told Martha a few days ago that she DESERVED to be fired. So rude! (her "Apprentice" style show was axed by NBC or whoever aired it here - I heard it was pretty ordinaire)...