Saturday, January 14

Summer brings ...

Red dragonfly
Originally uploaded by dancingmorganmouse.
Sunburned plants, panting cats and dragonflies.


caw said...

Oh can we please have some of your summer? It is winter here and getting very chilly. And rainy. Oh PLEASE stop the rain!

The pics of your kitty kats are simply too cute. I should like a pet, altho I am challenged enough occasionally looking after a grown up man person, let alone a small furry animal as well. And myself.

Perhaps I could invest in a pet piece of wood. Or a spoon.

Sunshine deprivation has atrophied my brain.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

It has been raining solidly for a WEEK or more(with intermittand sunny spots no use for anything)- I have no clean clothes and everything is damp - and we still have the armpit month, February to go!
Pusscatwise, you can buy computer games called PETZ and have a kitten or 3 or a puppy on screen. If you neglect them they just wander off - no messy dying or making the place smell!

Ms Brown Mouse said...
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