Thursday, January 26

I was young & impetuous once upon a time …

Back in April 1983 in fact – riding in my first one-day event. You wouldn’t get me leaping ponies over logs nowadays, I have the fear – I know what COULD go wrong. But back then I knew no fear.
That’s Yarraman my pony, also known as Rastus. I’d nagged my parents for a pony of my very own since I could talk and finally got my heart’s desire just before I started high school. My father made a foolish bet, if I scored marks enough to be in the top 5 in my class, he would buy me a pony. Well ... I got the pony. Poor dad I’m sure he never in his wildest dreams thought he’d have to pay up on that one. It’s amazing what the right sort of motivation can achieve!


caw said...

I'm loving this look! I likewise nagged my parents for years for a pony (a white Arabian one) but alas, my wish did not materialise.

I tried to convince my parents that if I was a member of the local Pony Club, then I deserved have a pony. So I joined the club and bought a stack hat. And waited.

But still no pony. Eventually, I gave up and wept for about 9 years.

To this day, I still torment my mother with my unexpressed desire to own a pony. Perhaps I am scarred for life?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I joined the Pony Club after pony acquisition - loads of fun that, lots of things to jump over but they were so bossy, insisting on hard hats, saddles & bridles for riding - Of cours, nowadays, so would I!
There is still time to get a pony - ask B for one!

spindleshanks said...

oh la i remember this day dmm, and somewhere lost in the bowels of a damp storage shed in raymond terrace nsw, i have my equivalent photo - same log, but my grey horse buckshot (remember him?). now i have photos of 1stB leaping over things higher than this. in his hard hat. and his body protector.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Oh I do remember Buckshot he was very pretty & didn't you have one called Ike (and an old US campaign button, I Like Ike)? But I also remember the old grey mare (what was her name?) and her pretty filly & son, Caspian?? All those lovely ponies, all that lovely fun, all this grown-up fear!