Saturday, December 10

Summer brings out the ...

Snail Vine or Corkscrew Vine (Vigna Caracalla)
Every autumn I cut this back to a few sticks and then worry I went too far and killed it. But every year it comes back stronger & cheekier. The snail vine, a member of the bean family I believe, has a fabulous fragrance, sweet, a bit like Hyacinths; hence it’s prominent position outside the main bedroom window, for when that sea breeze kicks in come evening.
The flowers are a little like Wisteria, white and mauve, but are in corkscrew-like twists that start as wee nubbins, develop into snails and then open up into twists of ribbon. And to top it all off, the draping vines make for a lovely, crepuscular gloom on the front porch.

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