Sunday, May 8

I was pootling around the interwebs the other day ...

... just poking about looking at stuff and I found a nice chap in the UK who makes pen cases.
Now yes, I've got a pen case, a rather lovely pen case, but it's full and I had pens living in the squalor that is mugs and the boxes they came in. Bah! So uncivilised.
So I ordered one from the lovely Geoff. I ordered one with yellow felt lining. And it has arrived. And I have moved some pens out of the old case and into the new. I now have a drawer for the Lamy Safaris and AL-Stars, and room for more (they come in so many tempting colours after all). The next drawer down has my Noodler's pens, my A.G. Spalding & Bros, a Platinum Plaisir, a Marlen Secret and a big fat yellow Bexley. Then there's the cheery pens, a Tombow, two lime-green Pilot Preras (the product of a sticky key and a late night on the interweb) and a Pilot Lucina. The Pilots come in so many colours, clear too in the case of the Preras, so there's room for more. And two more drawers, completely empty - but for how long?
And over in the fancy cabinet, I've got the fancy pens.
A couple of Lamys, a treasured Pelikan green tortoise, my Stipulas, my Edison Pen Co pens (including the Morgan), a couple of Platinum Celluloids and a big butch Faber Castell. Under that there's the clear pens (Pilot, Pelikan and Stipula), a Think Gatsby, the Jac Zagoory Write No Evil, a lovely emerald-green Franklin-Christoph and then the blacks. The blacks include the Parker my dad gave me and the Sheaffer Stubby. There's now an empty bottom drawer .... And as I had a little spend frenzy the other day (due to the Australian dollar being worth 1.10 of those useful US dollars) I happen to know there's at least two more heading my way. At least now I have suitable accommodations.


Pink Granite said...

Now where does all the ink live?

Zoomie said...

You're just having 'way too much fun with this! :-)

cookiecrumb said...

Your dollar is better than ours? I hate Bush.

e said...

Perfect. How else can you pick the day's pen properly? You need to be able to see them all clearly.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, the ink lives in a cardboard box :)
Zoomie, too much fun? Is there such a thing? Could I expire from it? :)
Cookie, I just checked the exchange rate. One of my pretty Australian dollars will get me approximately 70 thousand and 3 of your nice American ones. How can I not shop?
E, exactly my thinking. Glad we're on the same page here :)

Sue said...

Wow, you do have an extensive collection!! But lots more space now - happy shopping!

Sue x

PS if the Aus dollar is better than the US, you need to start saving up for a trip into Africa - you'd almost be a millionaire!!

Pink Granite said...

But shouldn't the ink live in a pretty house too?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Sue, Mr Brown went to Capetown a while ago and loved it, he keeps promising to take me. And I'm dying to do an Elephant safari!
Lee, I'm working on it, believe me :)

cookiecrumb said...

My orange ebonite Edison dame today. It is beyond wonderful... The sepia ink is perfect. You get yours?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, it's posted just not hear yet, further to go and all that :) Blog it?

cookiecrumb said...